New Avenues Response

to COVID-19

New Avenues is home to the people we serve. Our top priority is to keep our individuals safe, comfortable and engaged. Our Infection Control Committee has been working closely with our Senior Leadership Team, and we are moving forward with an abundance of caution to keep our individuals and their caretakers safe and healthy in light of the spread of COVID-19.

We remain vigilant and abide by the best advice of the local, state, and federal governments, the CDC, public health authorities, and medical experts to maintain a safe environment for our individuals and a safe workplace for our employees. You can rest assured that all the individuals we serve will receive the care they need during this crisis.


Your financial support would be greatly appreciated and will help us cover the increased costs of personal protective equipment, daily deep cleaning and other unexpected expenses necessary in response to this epidemic. Thank you!

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Hotline Number: (216) 481-1909 ext 299


Safe, Healthy, and Engaged!

As we wrap up Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we would like to share some stories from our homes:

  • Last week New Avenues purchased 122 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and distributed them to all our homes. One great story we heard was a staff member bundling up her ladies and taking them outside on the first sunny day where they sat in the lovely sunshine and had hot chocolate and S’Mores! 


  • Along with the cookies, each home was invited to participate in the Cookies Story Contest. They are tasked with making up a story about the adventures their cookies are having. Will Captain Tagalong tag along with Super S’Mores and capture the Cookie Monster??? we can’t wait to share their stories and drawings!


  • Our Bratenahl ladies (pictured below) had a delightful time coloring Easter Eggs and making other Easter-related crafts. Each of the ladies received a bag of goodies from Bratenahl Blooms, a local Bratenahl volunteer group.

  • Individuals served in Ashtabula are working on a project to give back to the community. They have volunteered to make placemats for Easter to give to a local nursing home! We are so proud of them and our staff who are assisting them in this worthwhile project!

Be sure to follow New Avenues on Facebook to see the fun activities that we are doing to keep our individuals engaged and happy!

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