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"An innovative, community-based service for all people with disabilities."

The Connections Approach is changing lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We all have our own special talents – they just need to be discovered.


New Avenues starts by connecting one-on-one with a person to discover their special abilities - the things in their life that give them purpose and make them smile. Then we connect them to an organization that welcomes and needs their unique talent. This in turn connects the individual to other people in their community who appreciate what they do and who they are. This interconnection allows them to grow in their abilities, their purpose and their happiness.


New Avenues is building community and inclusion through the Connections Approach by creating meaningful relationships between people with disabilities and their neighbors. As barriers to opportunities are removed, people are now known for their special talents and not their disabilities.


If you or a loved one is dealing with social isolation because of a disability, contact New Avenues for specific information on how the Connections Approach can benefit them and you. By uncovering a person’s talents and passions, all people with disabilities can thrive and be an integral part of their community alongside their neighbors.

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