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Cuyahoga Arts & Culture awards grant to New Avenues

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture announced the awarding of nearly $27.2 million to a variety of organizations in the county - and New Avenues is one of them! New Avenues proposal, CreateAbility: Exploring Ave. Art, would exhibit art created by participants in our Art Therapy program  Click here for more information about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.  


Michael was the victim of a motor vehicle accident which left him permanently paralyzed. Through the Emergency Assistance Project, funded by generous donors, New Avenues was able to purchase this equipment for Michael. Michael is extremely grateful for this assistance which helps him maintain his strength and endurance. Click here to donate to help people like Michael.  

Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio make our Day!

On December 6th and 13th, the Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio visited our Swim, Gym & More Children's Program. The kids in our program got to meet heroes like Super Man, Optimus Prime, Cinderella, Tiger, and many more! They even got a special visit from Santa! Many thanks to the Super Heroes for making these magical days possible!  Click here to read more about Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio.