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New Avenues Hires New Director of Residential Services

CLEVELAND, OH, March 2016 - New Avenues to Independence has hired Diane McClusky as its new Director of Residential Services. Ms. McClusky has a BA from John Carroll University and more than 17 years of experience as a QIDP*/Program Director at REM Ohio.

In her new position, Ms. McClusky is responsible for the supervision of nine group homes - seven 8-bed homes and two 16-bed homes - in Northeast Ohio. Through Residential Services, individuals with disabilities live in group homes and intermediate care facilities (ICFs) owned and operated by New Avenues. In addition to having their basic needs met, each person is evaluated to determine what services they need as well as desire. Ms. McClusky will work with the individual QIPD house managers to tailor an Individual Habilitation Plan for each person to reach their personal goals and develop the skills necessary for independent living. In addition, she will work with the county board to place individuals with disabilities in homes where they are most likely to succeed and be happy.

Ms. McClusky will also be responsible for conformance to the Ohio Administrative Code, Federal regulations and all regulatory and internal standards and policies.

* Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional



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