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Top 6 ways our volunteers make a difference…

1. Teaching the individuals we serve new skills.
Volunteers in our Day Services program teach activities such as gardening and sewing to the program participants.
2. Creating opportunities for socialization and fun.
 Volunteers make fun evenings such as our dances possible. Participants eagerly anticipate these events as opportunities to hang out with friends and enjoy a fun evening.
3. Shaping the future of New Avenues.
Volunteers on our Event Committee, Marketing Committee, and other committees contribute their expertise and passion to impact the organization and all of the individuals we serve.
4. Keeping recyclables out of landfills to make our earth “greener.”
Volunteers work side-by-side with the individuals at Buckeye Industries, processing materials for recycling and creating an integrated, enriching workplace.
5. Expanding our staff’s capacity.
Office volunteers increase our staff’s capacity, enabling our staff to provide even more excellent services to men, women and children with disabilities.
6. Building relationships.
Our volunteers develop friendships with the individuals we serve – whether it’s in our Children’s Programs, Day Services, Special Events, or Residential and Community-based Services, our volunteers are a special part of the New Avenues family!

THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers, for making a difference
in the lives of the individuals we serve!