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Swim, Gym & More 2014-15

Children who participate in New Avenues Swim, Gym & More program are  enjoying the start of another year of making new friends and enjoying fun activities.  Swim, Gym & More participants are divided into two groups—Group A and Group B—that meet on Saturday afternoons from 12:30PM - 4:30PM at Broadmoor School., Mentor. Each group attends every other Saturday through April. 

Swim, Gym & More activities include swimming, gym time, snacks, crafts, playground (weather permitting) and Learning Centers. Learning Centers are developed around the themes for the week. Some themes for this year include:  “Fall Favorites” (autumn leaves, pumpkins and Halloween crafts); “Dynamic Duos” (matching and sorting things that go together—shoes and socks, peanut butter and jelly, etc.); “Sticky, Icky, yucky” (exploring different textures like Gak, Slime and putty).

Swim, Gym & More has over fifty children enrolled at this time. For more information, contact Cheryl General by email at or by phone (216) 701-4577.