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Sisters of Charity Foundation makes a difference

Nancy Vandemoter has been receiving New Avenues Supported Living services for nearly five years and resides in a home in Westlake with two roommates. She is non-verbal, but is able to understand all that you say and is always eager and willing to please! Nancy loves horses and participates in therapeutic riding as often as possible, soaking up the love of the large, gentle animals. Her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and when she is in her room, you can almost always count on the fact that it will be playing on her DVD player.

Unfortunately, because of the progression of her seizure disorder, Nancy now uses a wheelchair for her safety. Frequent use of the wheelchair has greatly diminished Nancy’s activity level, and she is experiencing weight gain.

Through the help of the Sisters of Charity Good Samaritan program, Nancy has been able to work with a dietician, learning to prepare healthier meals so that she can lose weight and maintain healthy eating habits. This opportunity would not have been possible for Nancy without the assistance of the Good Samaritan program.

Nancy is learning how to make better choices with her meals and why this is important for her. As a consequence, she is living a healthier lifestyle and beginning to lose weight! Thank you Sisters of Charity!