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Remembering Clara & Albert Muskin

The Muskin Family Foundation has been providing generous funding to New Avenues since 2008.  The Foundation was established in honor of Albert and Clara Muskin, whose abiding compassion and support for those who struggle against the odds has made a transformative difference in countless lives. Their message was: “Be awake to the difficulties of others; mindful of what you may have to offer; and steadfast in its delivery.”

Clara and Albert were the children of immigrants. The skills they had to offer were forged of necessity and built on self-reliance. The wisdom they shared was born of the hard experience of the working class and a respect for the lessons taught by hardship.

The Muskin Family Foundation’s support for New Avenues continues the tradition of Clara and Albert Muskin to support individuals who strive for a better future against challenging circumstances.  We are grateful for this generous financial support and celebrate the lives of these two remarkable people who have left behind such a bright legacy of hope.