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Perserverance at its best: James Gilbride


James Gilbride has been through a lot in his life. Without family support or a job, he had a constant fear of being homeless. Unfortunately, that fear turned into a reality. While homeless, James would sleep wherever he could - sometimes sleeping at libraries, fast food restaurants, bus stops and city parks. He knew that he needed to make a change.

After becoming a victim of a violent crime, he contacted a mental health community center who referred him to New Avenues to Independence. At New Avenues, he received education on obtaining safe, healthy and affordable housing  through our Mainstream Housing program. New Avenues’ Mainstream Housing program currently assists up to 125 individuals and families with disabilities in Cuyahoga, Lake and Ashtabula counties. In addition to the rental assistance provided through the vouchers, we provide housing search assistance, tenant/landlord mediation and technical assistance to landlords for making accessibility modifications to units.

This Fall, James came to the top of our waiting list and received a Mainstream Housing Voucher which helps him with rent. James now has a permanent home. With this security, he can now focus on getting treatment for his healthcare needs, and he no longer has to worry about where he is going to sleep next. James is very appreciative of the assistance he has received from New Avenues. In his words, "I couldn't have done it without their caring and understanding staff. This is my New Avenue to Independence.”