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“Our Colorful Time”

This past school year, New Avenues partnered with Hathaway Brown School, providing volunteer opportunities throughout the year for students and receiving $2,900 of dress down day funds. Reflecting on their experiences, the students wrote this poem:

“Our Colorful Time”
- Written by the Hathaway Brown     
   Seventh Grade Spoken Word Poets
Colors, dabs, splashed, and smudged
Learning others’ stories
Wanting us to have tea and cookies
Excited to see us
even though they didn’t know us
Trying to stop hiding
behind their differences
Talking about boyfriends and basketball
Singing songs and dancing
Sharing our kindness
with Modge Podge and paper
Canvases and brushes
Painting as therapy
Meeting new people, smiles on our faces
Asking for our help
From aprons
to paintbrushes
to 3D paint sculptures
Holding hands and talking
People and friends to remember
Remembering this moment
brings warmth to our hearts.