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Original Art… Extraordinary Individuals: Ave. ART at Hessler Street Fair

The 45th anniversary of the Hessler Street Fair was celebrated Saturday, May 17th and Sunday, May 18th. The popular event featured live music, food, and art vendors, including Ave. ART.

For over twenty years, New Avenues has made art expression a valuable core service to individuals with disabilities.

Under the direction of Melissa Newlin, MA, AT, LPC, our program offers participants art therapy using drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and other forms of visual art materials to improve or maintain mental health and emotional well-being.

Each piece of Ave. ART is original art created by individuals and groups in art therapy sessions. Over $600 of Ave. ART was sold with all of the proceeds from the sales going to the artists and to purchase art materials for the program, which is totally completely by donations.

A special thank you to all of our volunteers who unselfishly shared their weekend, helping us with our booth.

“I purchased a wonderful painting this past weekend that reminded me of my cat Andy. Please share this with the artist and let them know we will enjoy the painting for years to come. Thanks for doing such great work.”

                        - Gayle