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Ohio EPA Awards Grant to New Avenues

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency awarded New Avenues to Independence a Market Development Grant of $27,457.25 for the purpose of supporting recyclable material markets in the State of Ohio. The proposed funding was to provide opportunities to financially support market development recycling projects and to develop the infrastructure for strengthening end-product markets involving targeted materials collected in Ohio, such as aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastics.
This grant is unique in that New Avenues had to have a municipality sponsor them and submit the grant on New Avenues’ behalf. The City of Eastlake, Mayor Ted Andrzejewski, did so and states, “We were proud to sponsor New Avenues to Independence. Their business enterprise, Buckeye Industries, continues to contribute to the growth of our community by employing people with disabilities and providing needed services to local businesses.”

Buckeye Industries offers employment opportunities for over 73 individuals with disabilities through four distinct business ventures that provide polystyrene, plastic, and cardboard recycling and document destruction services to businesses in Northeast Ohio. The funding will be used toward the purchase of a 2013 Ford Econoline Cargo Van E3E, E-350 Super Duty box truck to be utilized for Buckeye Industries. New Avenues selected a natural gas truck as it will lower operational costs, and compared with conventional vehicles, natural gas vehicles produce only 5 to 10 percent of allowable emissions, which means far less greenhouse gases. Buckeye Industries currently collects five tons of polystyrene waste and 24 tons of clinical plastics per year. With the grant, New Avenues will expand its collection of polystyrene to a minimum 75 tons and plastics to a minimum of 50 tons per year. 
The overall goals of the Buckeye Industries program include maximizing the number of individuals with disabilities who are employed through the business ventures, generating revenue to sustain New Avenues programs and services and positively impacting the community and environment. Click here for more information on the Onio EPA. Contact Karen Knavel, Community Relations and Housing Director for information on the grant or Buckeye Industries.