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Ohio EPA awards grant to Buckeye Industries


In May, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency awarded a grant to Buckeye Industries for 50% of the costs of the purchase and installation of two new balers for Buckeye Industries, Cleveland West and Eastlake. This is a matching grant and New Avenues will be seeking funds from local companies and foundations for the match. So far, the CSX Foundation has donated $2,500 in matching funds.

The influx of corrugated cardboard and plastics from Buckeye Industries business partners has grown so rapidly over the past two years that we cannot keep up with the demand for our services.  The addition of a baler at each facility will allow us to bale twice as much material every day, enabling us to ship the baled materials more frequently. This in turn will result in an increase in revenue. Additionally, this will free up space at each facility, allowing us to pursue new business partners.

The grant application for the EPA was submitted for us by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District. We are very grateful to our friends at the Solid Waste District for their generous support and assistance with this application and for all they do for Buckeye Industries and the Greater Cleveland community.