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New Hope. New Beginnings. New Avenues. 2015 Annual Meeting

New Avenues was honored to have the CEO of American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), Barbara Merrill, give the keynote address at its Annual Meeting on February 26, 2015. Ms. Merrill is a veteran advocate for disability-related issues. Before becoming CEO, she headed up ANCOR’s Government Relations team where she oversaw the development and implementation of ANCOR’S public policy and legislative agenda. Ms. Merrill has been involved in disability issues since 1992 as an advocate and attorney for people with disabilities and the providers who serve them.

Jonathan Good, Esq., Board Chair, started the meeting with introductions and nominations for the 2015 Board of Directors. The main purpose of the Annual Meeting is to swear in the Board of Directors for the coming year. Councilwoman Laura DePledge from Eastlake officiated. The 2015 New Avenues of Independence Board of Directors includes: Jonathan Good, Esq., Board Chair; Daniel Koster, Vice Chair; Adam Fletcher, Esq., Secretary; Robert Angart, Treasurer; Edward Boehmer; Ronald Henderson, Esq.; Georgette Jackson; Brian Mackert and Joan Schecter and Joyce Bresler, Director Emeriti. Joyce Bresler and Michael Primrose, Esq. were recognized for their outstanding service and ongoing commitment to New Avenues.

A musical presentation of the New Avenues theme song, Together We Are One, was performed by New Avenues music therapy participants. Music Therapy interns Jessica Regula, Jessica Sofranko and Nicole Reikowski directed and performed in the musical number.

The Thomas M. Lewins IV Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Judy Heyer for her 40 years of service as Speech Therapist at New Avenues.

Featured speakers included Vicky and Keith Bambic, whose children have been involved in New Avenues Children’s Programs for over 12 years, and Sabrina Abney, a Direct Support Professional, who works in New Avenues Lake County Supported Living program.