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New Avenues celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March

March 2013 was a memorable celebration of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! We are grateful to all of you who participated in this special month by hanging posters, calling your legislators and saving change in our special canisters. Here are some additional highlights:

· You, our loyal supporters, staff and volunteers have raised over $7,000 for the critical needs of the individuals we serve!  19% over our goal!

· Because of you, over 100 people will be fed.

· Because of you, over 20 people will receive assistance with their medical needs.

· Because of you, over 25 people will receive assistance with utilities and other housing costs.

· We had an opportunity to share our mission with viewers of WKYC Channel 3’s "Golden Opportunities." The interview will be on YouTube soon! Stay tuned for more information.

· Over 3,000 people attended the Tolerance Fair and visited the 131 exhibitors, including New Avenues!


Thank you all for your generous support and participation! You made a difference!

A special thank you to our Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month sponsors:
-  Ian & Gloria Abrams
-  A Bedder Mattress Store
-  Belvoir Center Apartments LTD
-  Chard Snyder & Associates, Inc.
-  Complete Landscaping Services
-  Gardiner Trane
-  Kellin Enterprises LLC
-  Koehler Family Enterprises, LLC
-  Robert S. Leiken Co., LPA
-  Omni Curtis Centre LLC
-  Siegel & Agins, LPA
-  St. Angelo-Gage Furniture
-  Sterling Professional Group