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Muskin Family Foundation

About the Muskin Family Foundation...

To provide targeted funding for projects and initiatives that support the goals and efforts of marginalized individuals or familiies who strive for a better future against challenging circumstances. Collaborating with those in need and the agencies/organizations which support them, the foundation will use its resources to help enterprising recipients build the core competencies and/or infrastructure needed to expand their life choices and opportunities.

The foundation has been established in honor of Albert and Clara Muskin, whose abiding compassion and support for those who struggle against the odds has made a transformative difference in countless lives. Elegant in its simplicity, their message was: Be awake to the difficulties of others; mindful of what you may have to offer; and steadfast in its delivery.

Clara and Albert were discomfited by the disparity between those in need and those who were not, and made it a personal imperative to "mind the gap." It was not a questions of the size or nature of the gap, but the will and determination of those who wanted to cross over. What Clara and Albert tried to do is engender the human spirit to bridge the gap. The assistance they provided was not charity, but support for the journey to self-sufficiency. Their greatest joy came from sharing that journey.

Children of immigrants, the skills they had to offer were forged of necessity and self-reliance; the wisdom they had to share was born of the hard experience of the working class and a respect for the lessons taught by hardship. Faith and hope were pulled from the shelf and put to work. Strength was found in God, self, and family. They learned that strength discovered possibilities. So Clara and Albert called out to the best in others, and listened for the reply. Those who entered the dialogue entered the Muskin family - a family that would support, encourage, and celebrate without reserve, the tenacity of the human spirit.

In the wake of their lives stand all of those touched ny the warmth and light of their grace, compassion, and inspiring sensibility. This is the bright legacy left behind by Clara and Albert, and it is our hope to carry it forward with love and vigor.