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Music to our ears!

A huge “thank you” needs to be sung out to the William M. Weiss Foundation for their generous support again this year for the New Avenues Music Therapy program! The Weiss Foundation has provided financial assistance to this vital program since the late 1990s, clearly understanding the therapeutic value of music in the lives of the men, women and children we serve.

Because of the Foundation’s support, nearly 90 men and women received music therapy services at New Avenues over the past year.

Music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for participants to develop appropriate social skills, improve attention to task, increase verbalization, and improve gross and fine motor skills in a positive and structured environment.

This year, a  guitar group was formed providing individuals opportunities to learn basic guitar skills as well as experience rewarding and positive social interactions. Another group was formed
to focus on lyric discussion and music sharing. This group enables the sharing of ideas, exploration of music options that individuals may not have been exposed to previously, and the convergence of people together in a positive social setting with music being the common factor that all members share.

In addition, music therapy services were provided to over 115 campers at New Avenues Summer Camp. Music Therapy interns provided 30-minute group sessions twice weekly. The children learned new songs and worked on direction following, color tracking, on-task behavior and appropriate peer interactions. 

Because of the support of the William M. Weiss Foundation, five music therapy interns have been trained at our facility since March 2013 under the supervision of Deborah Colvenbach, Clinical Training Director. The use of interns enables us to provide more therapy to a greater number of people and gives these talented young professionals valuable insight into the individuals we serve as they move forward with their careers.

We are so grateful to the William M. Weiss Foundation!