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A model employee: Noreen Messner


Noreen began her incredible work journey at the inception of Buckeye Industries Cleveland West in May of 2013.

Noreen works diligently throughout her day by opening bags of pre-surgical recyclables and is one of Bennington’s highest producers. Not only does she complete her own work, she also approves the work of her colleagues. As Noreen sorts through the bags, she saves packets for those that work on packets as their specific job. Additionally, the materials Noreen sorts are placed on tables for others to sort into the last box before the material is baled.

Noreen has perfect attendance and arrives to work full of spirit and smiles. Noreen is very proud of her paychecks and enjoys spending them on clothing. Noreen is a valuable asset to Buckeye Industries and very well-liked by her peers and staff.

Congratulations Noreen on becoming this years Buckeye Industries Consumer of the Year!