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Meet Noreen Messmer

On May 27th, our staff at the Lakewood Home wanted to do something special and fun with the eight woman who reside in the home. They decided to rent a cotton candy machine!

Together, they found a unique party store in their community and rented the machine. The staff and women then spent the day making and eating the sticky, sweet candy. What a special day they had!

Noreen Messmer especially enjoyed helping her housemates, including her best friend, Sandy, with making the candy.

Noreen has been receiving services from New Avenues since 1981. She works at Buckeye Industries, Cleveland West and is in charge of the initial sort of pre-surgical clinical plastic through our contracts with local waste haulers and hospitals.

In her spare, time, Noreen loves to do puzzles and board games. She is an outdoor person and likes to shop, bowl, dance, and watch TV in her room.

Noreen feels lucky to have family members who care about her. During the holidays, she spends time at her cousin’s house enjoying the bonds of those relationships while incorporating family fun.