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Looking to the Future

Ed and Kelly Boehmer have been supporters of New Avenues for over a decade, and for the past three years have been especially generous in giving to the New Avenues Endowment Fund. Ed, who serves on the Board of Directors and Endowment Committee, explained why they have chosen to support the New Avenues Endowment Fund.

“We believe that giving to the Endowment Fund is important as non-profit organizations must have the ability to generate additional income through their investments in order to augment their operations. With the Federal, State and local governments regularly reducing their support for people in need, it is imperative that New Avenues be able to provide the vital services to the people that they serve, as well as continue to hire the best possible caregivers available. The Endowment can also provide resources for the ‘out of the ordinary’ events that occur, such as repairs to the facilities, or the purchase of equipment needed to provide opportunities to our clients to help integrate them into society.

We have chosen to be a part of New Avenues and include them in our giving as we have seen the outstanding work done by the employees and the organization. The commitment by these individuals to provide assistance to others who are less fortunate is truly remarkable.”

Please join Ed and Kelly, and the many other New Avenues contributors in supporting the New Avenues Endowment Fund. Your gift will mean so much to the men, women and children we serve.