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Judy Heyer receives Thomas M. Lewins IV Lifetime Achievement Award


The Thomas M. Lewins IV Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Judy Heyer for her lifetime dedication to helping individuals with disabilities communicate better. The presentation took place on February 26, 2015 at New Avenues Annual Meeting. 

Judy has served as Speech Therapist at New Avenues for over 40 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology from the Ohio State University and studied in England prior to pursuing her Master's degree at Cleveland State University. Jud has provided clinical internships for over 80 students working on their Speech Pathology and Audiology degrees from Cleveland State University. 

As a speech therapist, Judy is a specialist with training in the diagnosis and treatment of various speech, voice and language disorders. She began her tenure at New Avenues with 20 individuals, and the number of men and women she has helped has grown considerably over the years.

“Judy has been an inspiration to us all for over 40 years, and she is still going strong. This sensitive and talented woman has consistently provided a remarkable service to the men and women served by New Avenues in her role as Speech Therapist. She truly deserves this award,” states Thomas Lewins, Executive Director.

When asked what her favorite part of the job was, Judy immediately responded "the individuals." And her passion has resulted in many benefits to the people served by New Avenues: improved skills that allow individuals to communicate more effectively; improvement in the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings; intelligible speech so they can be understoof my others; better quality of life; greater self-esteem and increased independence.

In addition to her work at New Avenues, Judy is a tenured professor and renowned national speaker and advocate. Her work has been included in peer-reviewed journals, presented at conventions and acknowledged by many professional organizations. She has traveled the world helping others learn to communicate better.

The Thomas M. Lewins IV Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities throughout his or her professional lifetime. Judy  is the third recipient of this prestigious award.