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Investing in Buckeye Industries

In April, the Burton D. Morgan Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to New Avenues for the expansion of the Buckeye Industries, Cleveland West facility. We are very grateful for this generous donation which will help us with the costs of the expansion and enable us to double the workspace, workforce and production of processing pre-surgical clinical plastics for recycling.


The Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the free enterprise system by investing in organizations and institutions that foster the entrepreneurial spirit. They support the process of developing a new economic venture or solution that adds value, embodies innovation and creativity and involves risk for its initiators. We are honored and grateful that the Foundation has chosen to invest in our Buckeye Industries program and in creating more employment opportunities for men and women with disabilities.


We would also like to thank the Lincoln Electric Foundation for their generous grant award of $2,000 for Buckeye Industries. The support of our foundation partners is vital to the continued growth and success of the program.