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Having some fun today!

The over 50 participants of our Day Services program have benefited from the services offered by our recreation program.

In preparation for Halloween, program participants crafted decorations. They made spider webs that were hung around the gym for a spooky feel. On another day, they painted miniature pumpkins. The week of the dance, individuals carved fun designs in pumpkins for decorations.

The Halloween Dance, A Thriller Night, was held on October 24th in the Main Campus gym for participants of our residential and community-based programs. In addition to enjoying snacks, cake and each other’s company, attendees danced to Halloween themed music played by DJ  Scott Gloger. People went all out for their costumes, making judging for the costume contest a challenge. We celebrated October, November, and December birthdays.

In November, as a way to get more active during the day,  individuals have started to shoot some hoops each week. Excited with the new activity, participants of our Day Services program are cheered on by those surrounding them to make a basket. Looks like we will have quite the season of Special Olympics basketball next year!

With the help of volunteers, individuals made snowflakes with the guidance of Melissa Newlin, Art Therapist. The snowflakes were so beautiful that they became part of the backdrop at this year’s annual Holiday Ball.

Get ready for an action packed year, full of exciting and new opportunities in 2015!