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Good Samaritan grant makes immediate impact on people

For the third year in a row, the Sisters of Charity Foundation’s Good Samaritan Grant Program awarded New Avenues a grant for our Emergency Assistance Program.

Because of the generosity of the Foundation, we assisted 95 people with disabilities who live in the community with emergency needs in the areas of food, shelter such as rent and utilities and medical assistance like help with paying for prescriptions and medical equipment not covered by Medicaid. The New Avenues Emergency Assistance Program enhances the overall quality of life for all the individuals and families served. 

“These funds make such a difference in the lives of our participants,” states Sharon Schultz, Home Choice Transition Coordinator. “When our folks are in crisis because of something beyond their control, like a fire or spike in utilities, our assistance with the Good Samaritan funds can mean the difference between their being able to stay in their home or return to an institution. We are so thankful that we are able to help them!”