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Enjoying the last days of summer

Recreation Coordinator, participants of our Day Services program have been enjoying the beautiful weather! Whether going to Euclid Creek Park for a picnic lunch or walking in New Avenues Therapy Garden, the men and women are thoroughly enjoying the outdoors!

On a warm Monday in September, ten individuals visited the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. They had a picnic lunch before walking around to see animals such as the elephants and flamingos. They also saw some lions dozing off in the shade! The men and women then jumped on the train to take them up the hill to view the monkeys and fish in the primate and aquarium building.

The American Family Ministry hosted their Annual Picnic and Fishing Derby on September 18th at the Hinckley Reservation. Attendees had great weather to enjoy an afternoon of fishing, grilled chicken, music, and connecting with other people!

On September 26th, Day Services participants traveled to Patterson Fruit Farm. It almost felt like a summer day as they wandered the fields under a cloud-free blue sky. Attendees picked delicious apples right off the trees and sunflowers from an overflowing field. After their bags were full of crisp apples, they went to Chapin Forest to have a picnic lunch.