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Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s generosity to benefit many


In May, New Avenues received a grant award from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for 50% of the costs of the purchase and installation of two new balers for Buckeye Industries, Cleveland West and Eastlake.

We are pleased to announce that The Burton D. Morgan Foundation awarded New Avenues a $30,000 grant to match the EPA funds!  A portion of the grant award will also be used to expand our supported employment opportunities, including recruitment, training and job coaching for men and women with disabilities.

New Avenues currently recycles 245 tons of cardboard, 102 tons of plastics and 51 tons of StyrofoamTM annually at the Eastlake and Cleveland West facilities. With the addition of the two balers, New Avenues will expand our recycling to a minimum of 365 tons of cardboard and 175 tons of plastic per year. 

We are so very grateful for the generous support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation for our Vocational Services program and for their commitment to providing quality jobs for people with disabilities.
TM Styrofoam is a registered trademark of Dow Chemical Co.