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Buckeye Industries presents the benefits of pre-surgical waste recycling at CleanMed show

Buckeye Industries was an exhibitor at CleanMed 2014, June 2-5, at the new Global Center for Health Innovation. CleanMed is the premier national environmental conference for leaders in healthcare sustainability.

Funding for exhibiting at CleanMed 2014 was generously donated by The Cleveland Foundation. Howard Wershbale & Co. and the Cleveland Clinic donated funds to help offset other associated costs, such as marketing and entrance fees.

Buckeye Industries is the only company in the United States offering medical recycling by creating job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We recycle most pre-surgical clinical plastics, including: pre-incision containers, packaging, trays, saline bottles, blue wrap and Tyvek.

Recycling pre-surgical waste offers many benefits to hospitals such as eliminating disposal fees, helping the environment  as an alternative to landfills, reprocessing material into new products, employing people with disabilities, and aiding in the hospital’s green initiatives.

With four locations in the Cleveland area, Buckeye Industries services the Cleveland Clinic Hospitals and University Hospitals throughout Northeast Ohio.