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Annual Recognition Ceremony: recognizing those who made a difference!


Each year, New Avenues recognizes the hard work and dedication of the individuals whom we serve for their achievements and employees, nurses, support staff, advocates and volunteers who have made a difference in the lives of children, men and women with disabilities. Held at the Holiday Ball, Lydia Esparra emceed the Annual Recognition Celebration honoring the 2014 winners.



Joretha Calloway, ICF/DD Employee of the Year

Pam Bartlett, Supported Living Employee of the Year

Sandy Brown, Buckeye Industries Employee of the Year

Pegeen Bernardi, ICF/DD Resident of the Year

May Soule, Ashtabula County: Supported Living Consumer of the Year

Paula Phillips Cuyahoga County:  Supported Living Consumer of the Year

Donna McCrory, Lake County: Supported Living Consumer of the Year

Nicole Carson, Support Staff of the Year

Althea Conti, Nurse of the Year, Florence Nightingale Award

Kathy Cotman, Advocate of the Year

Kenneth Wainwright, Volunteer of the Year

Rocky River Home Depot, Volunteer Group of the Year

New Avenues Maintenance Staff, Spirit Award

Miriam Sigman, Special Recognition