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American Family Ministry: awesome support!

For the sixteenth year in a row, New Avenues has received a generous  donation from American Family Ministry in support of our recreation program.

These funds are used to purchase items such as supplies for our dances, prizes and food for the Carnival and birthday gifts for our individuals. Through the generosity of the Ministry we are also able to treat people with tickets to special events. Last year, the individuals we serve were able to go to the Circus, Cavaliers and Lake County Captain games, Cedar Point and the Lion King at Playhouse Square.

Most recently, on February 5th, the American Family Ministry held the Vaudeville Family Extravaganza at New Avenues Main Campus. Despite the chilly weather they came with an exotic animal show, magician and juggler. The attendees were able to see and pet animals they would not normally see, watch a magic show, and see some very cool juggling moves. Not only were they able to watch, but several individuals were able to participate in some way. At the end of the show the attendees received a gift. They can’t wait until the Vaudeville Extravaganza comes again next year!

We are so grateful to the American Family Ministry for their commitment to ensuring that the men and women whom New Avenues serves have the opportunity to experience special events, bringing them joy and enriching their lives.