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Amazing progress

Amazing progress: Darrell Teras

New Avenues residential services program provides a detailed plan for each resident so that he or she will be able to reach personal goals and develop the skills necessary for more independent living.

One such member is Darrell Teras. Over the past year, Darrell has shown considerable progress. When he first arrived, he was introverted, and often kept to himself. He now participates on every trip and outing, and enjoys being out in the community.

Darrell is also an employee at Buckeye Industries, Cleveland West. There he demonstrates how hard he works and how dependable he is. Congratulations Darrell and keep up the great work!
Full of energy: Karen Han
Karen has been receiving services here at New Avenues since the 1970s. Throughout that time she has blossomed into an outgoing, full of energy adult!

Karen now enjoys expanding her environment and her taste buds! Over the years she has enjoyed trying many new foods and listening to a variety of new styles of music. She also attends an adult activity center in Euclid. She enjoys it so much she hasn’t missed a day yet!

We are so proud of the amazing adult that Karen has become and we wish her nothing but success!