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Achieving independence: Wanda Hopkins

The mission of New Avenues is to make sure our individuals as independent as they can be. In 2013, Wanda Hopkins has certainly exceeded our expectations in achieving a greater degree of independence. Wanda has received services in our Supported Living program in Ashtabula County since 1997. In 2013 she joined our Vocational Services program, Buckeye Industries.

She has taken the initiative to verbally express her feelings including wanting to work at Buckeye Industries, Madison. Wanda has shown the staff that she is a hard worker and is quick to pick up on any new job that they show her.

Wanda also takes pride in maintaining her beautiful apartment. Wanda is well liked by everyone in the apartment building and everyone enjoys her sense of humor. Wanda is always very helpful with her peers and donated different things to Goodwill and Buckeye Industries (such as her extra Christmas tree for her co-workers to enjoy while working).

With the help of staff, Wanda has also maintained a healthy diet and loves walking for exercise.