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About Robert Snodgrass


Robert Snodgrass participates in our Day Services program at Buckeye Industries, Cleveland East. Robert is a very independent and delightful man. He takes pride in his work at the Day Services program  and enjoys earning his paycheck by shredding documents.  During Robert’s leisure time, Robert loves working on puzzles. Amazingly, Robert can assemble a 500 piece puzzle on and off within four hours without looking at the picture on the box top!

When asked how he does this, he stated,“I just look at the colors.”

The Day Services program staff has preserved Robert’s puzzles by using crafting glue as an adhesive. Once the puzzles are dry, they are mounted on the wall for all to enjoy. Robert was extremely pleased when he was asked if he would like to display his work and shared, “I want to do another one to hang.”

Through our Day Services program, Buckeye Industries nurtures personal development and accomplishes the individual's goals by using structured activities individually tailored to promote social, vocational and community-integrated abilities that fit personal interestes. Our men and women benefit from participating in groups organized by age and ability level providing a rich environment for building friendships and growth.