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2014 Accomplishments

We are so grateful for the ongoing financial support of the William M. Weiss Foundation for our Music Therapy Program.  Their commitment to this vital program ensures that the therapeutic value of music is available to all of the men, women and children with disabilities whom we serve.

We have had many successes over the past two years! Nearly 90 men and women received music therapy services at our Buckeye Industries, Madison, Madison West, Eastlake, and Bennington locations and at our Main Campus. Music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for consumers to develop appropriate social skills, improve attention to task, increase verbalization, and improve gross and fine motor skills in a positive and structured environment.

A guitar group was formed at our Eastlake facility this year. This group provides our workers with an opportunity to learn basic guitar skills as well as experience a rewarding and positive social interaction.  Our Madison facility added a large group which focuses on lyric discussion and music sharing. This group allows workers to share ideas and explore music options that they may not have been exposed to previously and brings our consumers together in a positive social setting with music being the common factor that all participants share.

In addition, music therapy services were provided at the New Avenues Summer Camp in July, serving 115 children with disabilities.  Music Therapy interns provided 30 minute group music therapy sessions twice weekly for each child.  The children learned new songs and worked on direction following, color tracking, on-task behavior and appropriate peer interactions.  The interns facilitated the yearly talent show which showcased each classroom’s unique and specialized music talents.

Because of the support of the William M. Weiss Foundation, five music therapy interns have been trained at our facility since March of 2013. The use of interns not only allows us to provide more therapy to a greater number of people, but also gives these talented young professionals valuable insight into the individuals we serve as they move forward with their careers. Highlights include:
  • Christopher Beach returned to Florida State University to complete his Masters in Music Therapy and has accepted a job at a facility in California serving Phrenic Psychiatric patients. 
  • Andrea Wead remained in Cleveland after completing her internship and is currently working as a Music Therapist for the Music School Settlement in Cleveland. 
  • Meghan Sweeney accepted a Music Therapy position in Michigan serving individuals in a group home facility similar to New Avenues.
  • Adrian Murphy accepted a position as a Music Therapist for the Boys Village Campus of The Village Network in Wooster, Ohio.
  • Tori Caruso, from Berklee College of Music, will complete her internship on September 12, 2014.

The Clinical Training Director and three interns attended the American Music Therapy Association Conference in Jacksonville, Florida in October of 2013.  This five-day conference provided an opportunity for continuing education, professional networking and personal growth for the interns. Therapists attended institutes on  current music technology, medical music therapy techniques and brain development, gait training and gross motor skill treatment in a music therapy setting, and aging with developmentally disabled adults, to name a few. Therapists attended roundtable discussions to increase awareness of governmental issues and clinical training responsibilities.

The past year has been filled with wonderful music and many beautiful achievements. We have seen the amazing people we serve flourish and thrive under the care of our music therapy interns and clinical training director.  We are so grateful for the generous support of the William M. Weiss Foundation.